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Glacier Day Hikes: Now With GPS Compatible Maps
Glacier Day Hikes: Now With GPS Compatible Maps
by Alan Leftridge
Our Price: $10.09
Used from: $0.01

Cinque Terre (Italy) 1:50,000 Hiking Map, GPS-compatible
Cinque Terre (Italy) 1:50,000 Hiking Map, GPS-compatible
by Freytag Berndt
Used from: $13.95

Outdoor Navigation with GPS
Outdoor Navigation with GPS
by Stephen W. Hinch
Our Price: $11.83
Used from: $7.79

Florida (National Geographic Map) (Recreation Atlas)
Florida (National Geographic Map) (Recreation Atlas)
by National Geographic Maps
Our Price: $20.57
Used from: $16.57

GPS Made Easy: Using Global Positioning Systems in the Outdoors
GPS Made Easy: Using Global Positioning Systems in the Outdoors
by Lawrence Letham Alex Letham
Our Price: $11.18
Used from: $0.91

Best GPS for Hiking

When it comes to your GPS for hiking, choosing the best GPS for hiking for your particular needs is what is going to take, meaning research and reviews.

In other words, there are those that allow you to set up your hike with topographical layovers with your trail, and there are others that can actually show you the trail, as well as topography. It's according to the hiking you're going to do, some of them actually can show you the distance, as well as the speed most people cover the ground in. There's a lot that a GPS can do for your hiking experience, but remember, you need to be able to use the GPS in order to make it work properly and keep you safe in the wilderness.


It's important that you choose one that is eminently suited for your technological know-how, something that is too complex is going to be confusing, frustrating, and possibly even dangerous. You have to be able to follow manufacturer's directions as far as how to set up your longitude and latitude, also known as waypoints. If you do not start your GPS unit when you start your hike, it does not have a reference point for the beginning, and will not be able to help you much on your hike.

Different types of GPS units are going to be more complex than others. Perhaps starting with a simpler GPS unit that allows you to check your compass bearing, your current speed, and your waypoints so they don't become to confusing. Some of the receiver units, as well as those that use topography in order to locate you can be a bit complex. Also, if you're thoroughly confused about a GPS unit, there are plenty of websites that can help you understand them.

In order to understand the best GPS hiking for your particular needs, spend time in reader's forums. Reader's forums can help you get a feel for your particular brand and style of hiking GPS unit as well as allow you to ask questions, read about others who are using it, and find out exactly how easy it is to use. This way, you will be able to find the best GPS hiking unit for your particular needs. Also, check with all of the review sites for the particular brands that you're considering.

And remember, it's easy to comparison shop on the Internet. In fact, when it comes to manufactured suggested prices for many of the best hiking GPS units, you can find it at better prices by shopping some of the discount sites. While they may not be able to advertise their prices, there's a good chance it's going to less than the actual suggested price.

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